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Vaughan Soccer Club celebrates Santafest, the holidays, and a time of giving...


The parade started with a large crowd that welcomed us onto the streets of Maple. We were all taken away by their enthusiasm and excitement.

Big thanks to the Board of Directors, coaches, managers, parent volunteers and players in attendance. We appreciate these moments together, building life-long habits, and relationships, having fun off the field celebrating our community event!!!

‘We truly had a wonderful experience. The energy from the crowds of Maple transferred onto the teams, as they handed out soccer bags and candy-canes to the crowd. The smiles and cheers the team received from the crowd was overwhelming and contagious, encouraging the team to high five the crowd all the way to end!' said Sandy Polombo [VSC Registrar in attendance].

There are many people we would like to thank for all their hard work in making this day happen:
Thank you to the Vaughan Soccer Club, especially Sandra Colica, Tony Depalma and Joe Cordi for organizing the event. Much appreciation to John Fidalgo, Sandy Polombo, Frank Cerninara, Joe Mario, Tony Posca, Gary and more!!! All who took the time to participate, walk with the teams and for their commitment to our youth - on and off the field! Thank you to all for their participation, their hard work, and for making this day a fun time for all.

We would like to thank SantaFest for providing us this opportunity to gather together. Their hard work and dedication to Maple is much appreciated. They provided us with a safe, organized and fun-filled event that created great memories that will last forever. Your efforts and dedication went beyond our expectations; we look forward to next year's SantaFest.

A SPECIAL THANKS GOES OUT to all of our supporters:

Michaels Brothers (*Joe – donated the flatbed & driver for the float)  
Lowes in Maple (donated materials) 
Centro Paints (donated the paint for the float) 
Veriation Music (supplied the float with entertaining music) 

To all the handy carpenters, painters and volunteers that helped build the float - a big hug to you all!!! The float looked incredibly beautiful, and we were very proud be in attendance representing Vaughan Soccer Club!

vsc santafest supporter centro paintsvsc santafest supporter michaels brothersveriation music

vaughan santafest parade 2018 3

A time of giving… VAUGHAN SOCCER CLUB donates uniforms to youth in Zambia!

vsc donates old uniforms 2018 1

A special thanks to Debra DiPaola for all that she does!!! We also thank Vaughan Soccer’s membership and our Equipment Director John Battistella for organizing and donating our old uniforms! Feedback like this makes us SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO PROUD to be Vaughan AZZURRI!!!

Letter of appreciation to Vaughan Soccer Club:

Dear Vaughan Soccer Club,
I have recently returned from another amazing mission trip to Zambia. Faith's Orphan Fund is the organization I volunteer with each year and I am very grateful for the generous uniform donations that VSC has graciously provided. I can't explain the excitement on the children's faces when they see me starting to pull out the colourful jerseys and the shorts. Even the socks are so greatly appreciated. You see, for them, this jersey may be the only new clothing they receive all year and the jerseys last and last. They wash well, don't fade, and dry fast so even when they get caught in the rain, (rainy season is 6 months of the year) they know their shirts will be dry in no time. Also the drawstring bags were a huge success, everyone wanted one! I am including several photos of the older students who were thrilled with their gifts and some photos of the younger children in the village.

A little means a lot!

Please notice the excitement on their faces and some are apprehensive, not smiling because I am the first white person they had seen and were a little unsure of what to make of me. LOL! You will notice that in the photos of the boys before (dressed in usual wear, often they wear no shoes because they have no shoes) and then after with the new clean shorts and jersey, they loved the idea of wearing socks too!!! It was so cute. We had to help them put the socks on since they never had any before. It actually gets down to 5 degrees at night sometimes and their little feet get chilled to the bone. I never thought about Africa as being cold but it happens. Even jackets and hats are worn if they have them. When you see line ups of children, that is them waiting to receive something. They LOVE playing "football" and when the rest of the boxes of clothes arrive, they are going to be absolutely ecstatic. The young man in the red jersey, Elijah, is the lead student at the training center. He was so happy to be wearing a new jersey I think he wore it every day for the whole week!

Thank you very much for making so many young people happy with receiving a gift. It is always nice to see jerseys on students when I first arrive. They come up asking for one more. Usually they are asking for their younger siblings. Often with the younger children, the elders of the village will help to distribute the items as they see the greatest needs be met first. The needs are many and the families are large. Thank you for blessing them with your gently used uniforms and equipment.

In loving service,
Debra DiPaola

VSC: A community club that donates! 

VSC and World at Play 
VSC and Sick Kids Hospital 
VSC, TFC and Kia Canada 


VSC teams up with Kia Canada and TFC: Donate your gently used equipment drive

Vaughan Soccer Club has teamed up with Kia Canada and Toronto FC for their annual Drive Change Equipment Drive

VSC is calling on all members that have any equipment that is no longer being used, to donate it to a great cause!!!

All new or lightly used soccer equipment will go towards Kickstart presented by Toronto Community Housing, MLSE Foundation & Kia Canada to help more kids play soccer. Visit any Kia Trento dealer now until October 15th to donate any equipment you may have. Balls, cleats, shin guards, socks, shorts and shirts are all needed.

Direct link to Drive Change video: https://youtu.be/XEHSyDSW9xw


VAUGHAN SOCCER CLUB in collaboration with JUVENTUS FC, TORONTO FC, WOODBRIDGE SC, and TORONTO AZZURRI SC ARE PROUD TO PRESENT THE INAUGURAL INTERNATIONAL YOUTH SOCCER CUP - UNDER 17! These 4 exciting matches will be showcasing talented players - both local and abroad. Don't miss this unique inaugural event, with Honourary Tournament Chair in attendance - Mayor Maurizio Bevilacqua. This exciting weekend begins with TFC vs VSC, followed up with WSC vs Juventus on Friday August 18th. Consolidation match starts at 6pm, and the final match kicksoff at 8pm on Sunday August 20th. 

Get your tickets today, This is a CONCACAF sanctioned event.  

Date: Friday August 18, 2017

TORONTO F.C. VS. VAUGHAN S.C. - at 6:45pm

Date: Sunday August 20, 2017

CONSOLATION GAME starts at 6:00pm
FINAL GAME starts at 8:00pm

Location: Ontario Soccer Centre Showcase Field, 7601 Martin Grove Rd., Woodbridge


Contact Sandra Colica at 905-832-0911 Ext. 203 or email at admin@vaughansoccer.com.

Anyone that is interested in purchasing tickets please contact me directly, tickets are $30.00 from Vaughan Soccer Club, $40 at the door, it covers the cost for both games August 18 & 20!!!

2017 InterCup U17 juventus tfc vaughan sc woodbridge 1040x1595


VSC feeds TFC's Youth Academy

Vaughan soccer's commitment to player development continues to shine with record number of soccer stars being given full student athletic soccer scholarships last season! In addition to these achievements, we are also pleased to acknowledge the following players who are former Vaughan Soccer Club players alumni and currently with Toronto FC Academy. Congratulations to the following former VSC players:

1999 Boys - Zack Zitoli, Andron Kagramanyan
2000 Boys - Chris Castillo, Julian Manno, Steffen Yeates, 
2001 Boys - Daniel Raimondo, Tysen Phillips, Daniel Martino, Dujon Martin, Anthony Cerminara
2002 Boys - Julian Altobelli, Nicholas Castillo, Damian Farronato, Fabian Zomparelli
2003 Boys - Kosi Thompson, Luca Accettola, Matthew Medeiros
2004 Boys - Aidan Hugo
2005 Boys - Adamo Pantaleo

Most players and their families are very excited about the opportunity with the TFC Youth Academy. Their state of the art facilities will support them in further enhancing their potential and their continued growth in soccer. VSC has one of the highest amount of recruited players at TFC if not the highest, compared to any other not-for-profit community clubs.

Among the players listed, we also had at least another 8 players that participated in the TFC Youth Academy trials not included in the list above. Every year, this cycle repeats itself, another example of VSC's commitment to player development and our high performance development program!

Vaughan soccer club has a reputation of regularly producing division 1 caliber players, under the guidance of Carmine Isacco [VSC's Technical Director]. Supported by a sound technical team, the commitment to player development truly shines North of Toronto. Adapting to the OSA's long-term developmental philosophy [LTPD], has had Vaughan Soccer Club placing a strong emphasis in identifying, and grooming, high skilled players from a young age.

We are very happy for all these players and wish them the best in their development as soccer players. Special thanks to the team coaches, technical trainers, and all the volunteers who have contributed to our players successes.

All the best from all of here at Vaughan Soccer!

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