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Vaughan Soccer Club History

The Vaughan Soccer Club Inc., located at 11151 Keele Street, Maple, Ontario, L6A 1S8 is a not-for-profit organization that provides the Community of Vaughan complete youth (boys/girls) and adult (men/women), recreational and competitive soccer programs.

The Vaughan Soccer Club Inc. has been an active participant in the Maple and Concord communities within the City of Vaughan since 1982. The Club originally was founded under the name of "Concord Jets", a name that is still part of the Vaughan Soccer Club today. In 1986, the name "Concord Jets" was officially replaced with the current name, "Vaughan Soccer Club Inc". When this name change occurred, the club had already committed to various competitive leagues under the old name of "Concord Jets"; therefore the club did not start to officially use the "Vaughan Soccer Club Inc." name until the following year in 1987.

The Vaughan Soccer Club has been experiencing significant growth since 1982 to become the 2nd largest Soccer Club in York Region in 2012 (numbers based on Indoor/Outdoor registration statistics provided by the YRSA).

The reasons for this outstanding growth are too many to mention but we will touch upon the most significant ones:

• The most obvious has been the population growth in the City of Vaughan which is continuing to grow at a rapid pace. Vaughan is one of the fasted growing communities in Canada. The current population is approximately 280,000 and is expected to reach 325,000 by 2015 and 350,000 by year 2020
• The Vaughan Soccer Club continues to enjoy an extremely positive image within the community. The club prides itself in providing the community with quality youth, adult recreational, competitive and special needs programs. The foundation was built over 30 years ago with less than 10 volunteers in 1982 and now has grown to over 500 volunteers yearly. The club also participates in many community events such as:
 The yearly Vaughan Santafest Parade – The Vaughan Soccer Club has been participating in this event since the early 2000’s
 The City of Vaughan vs Vaughan Soccer Club ‘Mayors Game’ (started in 2011 with all proceeds donated to various charities
 Vaughan Soccer Club yearly participation in the Chum Christmas Wish Toy Drive (started in 2008)
 Vaughan Soccer Club was a major partner and sponsor in the 2013 Vaughan in Motion ‘Golf to Cure Cancer’ golf tournament in an effort to harness the supportive power of our membership and growing community who enjoy playing the game of golf for a worthwhile cause!
 The Vaughan Soccer Club is hosting the first annual ‘kick4Cancer Mayor’s Cup’ game in partnership with the OSA and York Region which takes place weekend of August 30 to 31st and September 1st 2013. This event has support from Ron Smale the OSA President and Lucille Abate the YRSA President
 The Vaughan Soccer Club sponsored the CCSYR (Integration Network- Building Community Connections for Newcomers in York Region) 2013 Police Games. The club donated the facility; uniforms; equipment and provided volunteers for this charitable event. The club will participate in this event on a yearly basis as required
 The Vaughan Soccer Club members (house league and competitive) are highly encouraged to get involved with charities or charitable events in our community and outside the community
• The Vaughan Soccer Club’s innovative programs have had a positive influence on the clubs youth and adult recreational and competitive members. These programs have also helped the club achieve the OSA ‘Gold Excellence Award’ for meeting the OSA Top Standards (2013). These innovative programs consist of:
 Special Needs program that started in 2012 with 22 participants and has grown to 43 participants in 2013. The program is fully funded by the VSC and its Sponsors
 Recreational male and female programs (U4 to U18) made up of approximately 3,300 indoor/outdoor youth participants
 Women’s recreational adult female programs that consist of over 700 indoor/outdoor participants
 Men’s recreational adult program that consist of over 230 outdoor participants (The VSC will be implementing a men’s adult indoor league during the 2013/2014 season)
 The competitive youth program consists of over 1,000 indoor/outdoor female/male participants and approximately 300 adult competitive indoor/outdoor female/male participants
 In 2013, the Vaughan Soccer club had 53 competitive talented female/male youth and adult teams with many of these teams playing at the highest level of competition in Ontario.
 In 2012 the Vaughan Soccer Club also applied (with the support of its members and Board of Directors) for the future OSA’s League 1 Semi Pro Team
 VSC continues to develop their high performance athletes to ensure they have the opportunities to be successful at the Regional, District, Provincial, National Programs, Professional Clubs, University and College Institutions
 VSC has an average of approximately 30 players yearly that are involved in Regional, District, Provincial, National Programs. This is in addition to the many players that graduate from the VSC to go on to play for CIS and US Colleges and Universities on a yearly basis. Many of these players are offered scholarships
• The Vaughan Soccer Club is a precedent-setting organization that continues to invest in hiring the best possible administrative and technical resources and partners in the business. These professionals are in addition to the hundreds of volunteers that help operate the clubs programs. These paid resources consist of:
 Executive Administrator
 House League Administrator
 Project Manager
 Bookkeeper
 HR Administrator
 Office Part Time Staff – 5 resources during peak periods
 Media – Partnered with ICWeb Solutions

Technical Staff
 Club Head Technical Director
 Female Technical Director
 Male Technical Director
 Club Head Goalie Coach
 High Performance Technical Director (Male)
 High Performance Technical Director (Female)
 Club Facilitator
 U7/U8 Technical Director
 Head Referee
 Sports Science & Medicine / Strength and Conditioning Organization – Partnered with Kick’s Physiotherapy
 10 to 15 Part Time Technical Trainers (15 during peak periods)
 3 to 5 Part Time Goalie Trainers (5 during peak periods)

The VSC club has a strategic plan in place to continue to grow our current talent to meet the clubs growth and membership expectations.

City of Vaughan - Wet Field Policy and School Parking Lots

The field closure hotline for the city is 905-832-8577 press 3. Please note: be patient, listen to the voice message, and wait for the prompts given by the recording, the extension listed may have changed.

In the interest if maintaining the high quality of playing fields and in effort to prevent injury, the City of Vaughan will enforce the following policy and procedures when sports fields become saturated. Sports fields issues/concerns are managed by the City of Vaughan.

In order to preserve the quality of City maintained sports fields, the Parks Operations staff maintain our sports fields with the assistance of the Managing Use on Premium Fields Policy and Wet Field Policy.  If there is a heavy rainfall and saturation on the sports fields,  Parks and Forestry may temporarily close soccer fields as per the policy.


FIELD CLOSURE NOTICE - Attention All VSC members: Be the first to know when sports fields are closed! The City of Vaughan has an alert system to email you once a Sports Field Notice is posted on the website. By simply creating a profile on the City website and signing up for email alerts, notices will be sent to you by email the moment they happen!


1. Go to https://www.vaughan.ca/services/residential/parks_forestry_operations/parks_operations/sports_field_hotline/Pages/default.aspx
2. Select REGISTER (top right), follow prompts and Submit
3. An email is sent to you to activate your account. Click on the link in the email and you will confirm that your account is activated
4. Login (top right) to www.vaughan.ca
5. Click MyAccount (top left), click on my MyAlerts
6. Click on Sport Field Closure
7. Save Changes and LogOut


Please note: Vaughan Soccer Club has been notified by the City of Vaughan that parents/teams using school fileds, should refrain from parking in the school parking lots. School parking are not part of City of Vaughan field permits (OUR PERMITS ARE ONLY FOR FIELDS). Vaughan Soccer Club have no permit to use the school parking lots and therefore, parking lots will be locked by the schools. AVOID having your vehicle locked in!!!

Vaughan Soccer Club Policies and Regulations

VSC Governing Documents

Below you will find many policies, rules, constitution and procedures. If you cannot find what you are looking for you can always search by keyword [example: Constitution] using our website search tool. 

House League/Recreational and REP/Competitve Forms/Applications 

OS Governing Documents

The Ontario Soccer (OS) and all organizations affiliated with the OS including, but not limited to, District Associations, Leagues, Clubs, Associate Members, OS-Recognized Non-Club Academies (ORNCA) and all OS Registrants are governed by, and subject to, where applicable, the following OS Governing Documents:

Click here for all OS Governing Documents, including CSA By-Laws, CSA Rules and Regulations as well as FIFA Regulations on status and transfer of players.

VSC Code of Conducts

Coach and Manager | Players | Parent/Guardian | Match Official | Board of Director

Vaughan Soccer Club Policies and Operational Procedures

Policy Name  Link to PDF  Additional Info 
Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act Page Link Section 18.0
Anti Doping Policy Link Vaughan Soccer Club's Anti-Doping Policy
Club Constitution Link Vaughan Soccer Club Constitution
Club History Link Vaughan Soccer Club History
Club Rules Link Vaughan Soccer Club Rules
Discipline Procedure and Appeals Link  
Dispute Resolution Link Section 15.0
Emergency Action Plan Link Vaughan Soccer Club's Emergency Action Plan 
Equality Policy Link Vaughan Soccer Club Equality Policy | OS Policy 1.0
Harrasment Policy Link Vaughan Soccer Club's Harrassment Policy - See Zero Tolerace Policy below
Harassment Policy as per Ontario Soccer Link OS Harassment Policy
Match Officials Link Vaughan Soccer Club's Match Officials Code of Conduct and Policy
Mission Statement Link Vaughan Soccer Club's Mission Statement
Return to Play Procedure Link Club policy for injured participants...
Show Your Respect Policy Link Behaviour guidelines on and off the soccer field
Social Media Policy Link Vaughan Soccer Club's Social Media Policy and Guidelines
Smoking By-Law Link TOBACCO‐FREE POLICY ‐ Effective Date: May 12, 2012 | City of Vaughan Policy | Smoke free Ontario Policy
Volunteer Screening Process Link Vaughan Soccer Club's volunteer and staff screening process
Weather Policy Link Rain Policy, cancellations | Register for City of Vaughan Field Closures | City of Vaughan Weather Policy
Well Being Policy Link Health Snacks, nutrition and general player well being guidelines


Please contact Sandra Colica if you cannot locate a specific policy or document on our website - admin@vaughansoccer.com  


All our public forms are listed here. They are broken down into 3 categories:

House League Forms - REP/Competitive Forms - Ontario Soccer Forms

House League Forms


.    Outdoor Registration Form - Hardcopy of registration form
.    Participation Agreement - The back-side of registration form
.    Credit Card Authorization - If using credit card as form of payment
.    Request Form - Special request form [see applicable dates on Outdoor information sheet below]
.    Outdoor Information - All our outdoor information in one handy document
.    Coaches Form - If volunteeruing to coach
.    HL Sponsorship Form - If you have a sponsor   
.    Outdoor Playing Rules - These are the playing rules for the Outdoor season
.    Outdoor Festival [Vaughanfest/Soccerfest] Playing Rules - These are the playing rules for the 2018 Outdoor end-of-season tournament
.    Indoor Playing Rules - These are the playing rules for the Indoor season

.    Playing up a year - If you intend on having your player playing up an age division

.    HL - Outdoor Game Sheet - This is a gamesheet in excel format
.    Complaint Form
.    Dispute Resolution Request Form
.    VSC Volunteer Form  - Complete if you will be volunteering with Vaughan Soccer Club
.    VSC Volunteer/Staff Screening Protocol 
.    Accident Claims




Please click here if you are looking for a SPONSORSHIP Form. All forms listed by program at bottom of sponsorship information page. Reap all the benefits for your business when you support our Grassroots Youth House League program!


Match Officials

The following are forms that are required for VSC Match Officials.

.    Match Officials Code of Conduct


REP/Competitve Forms and links:

The following are commonly asked for forms that are required for Competitive/REP teams. Please note that the further away from home you travel the longer your form will take for approval.



Looking for a tournament? Check out the OS's tournament information page at http://ctms.ontariosoccer.net/

Need help? See the Competition and Travel Management System – CTMS User guide

Travel Information and timelines:

If your team is about to travel outside York Region, but within Ontario - must be approved by the YRSA.
If your team is about to travel outside Ontario, but within Canada - must be approved by the YRSA and the OS. 
If your team is about to travel outside Canada - must be approved by the YRSA, the OS and the CSA.

Estimated Times to get approval:
YRSA: one week - YRSA and OS: three weeks - YRSA, OS and CSA: six weeks

Travel considerations - if travelling outside your district - ATF APPLICATION: 

Vaughan Soccer Club team: If you are playing in a tournament which is outside York Region District you will need permission from the YRSA [our governing district] to attend.
ATF: Application to Travel to a Tournament or Exhibtion Game outside the YRSA: http://ctms.ontariosoccer.net/

Check ATF's Approvals

Are you looking to see if an ATF application has been approved? http://ctms.ontariosoccer.net/

Exhibition Games:

If you are hosting or playing in an exhibition game you will need permission from the York Region Soccer Association to do so.

Application to Host an Exhibition Game: http://ctms.ontariosoccer.net/
Application to play an Exhibition Game OUTSIDE the YRSA: http://ctms.ontariosoccer.net/
REP/Competitive Gamesheet for exhibition games

Approved Ontario Tournaments/Exhibition Games

Are you looking to see if an Exhibition Game application has been approved?: http://ctms.ontariosoccer.net/ 

VSC Official Exhibition Game Sheet [gamesheet]: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B53yqYo0w5pqUFlRSmhvQWctd00/view?usp=sharing


.    Code of Ethics for Parents
.    Code of Ethics and Conduct for Players

Coaching and Admin Staff:

All Forms Needed: a) REP Coaches and Admin and b) HR Information Sheet and c) REP Coach and Admin Staff - Code of Conduct and d) Outdoor Rep Team Information Sheet [Contact Sandra Colica] e) Confidentiality Agreement and f) Oath of Confidentiality

.    VSC REP Team Checklist [Contact Sandra Colica]
.    Team Playing Out Application Form 
    VSC Volunteer Form - Complete if you will be volunteering with Vaughan Soccer Club. | VSC Volunteer/Staff Screening Protocol
.    CIVICYork - Community Information and Volunteer York Region Form - May be required if volunteering for Vaughan Soccer Club, contact Volunteer Coordinator
.    Rep Financial Statement
.    Traveling Allowance Info for Various Age Divisions
.    Development Matrix
.    REP/Competitive Gamesheet for exhibition games
.    Incident/Accident Report
.    Revised Incident Concern Report
.    Complaint Form
.    Dispute Resolution Request Form


Step by Step Instructions:

Step a) COACHES/PARENTS - Report the accident for club records ONLY by completing the Accident Report Form and return back to club administrator: admin@vaughansoccer.com
Link to: Accident Report Form

Coaches/parents to submit your accident claim please visit the Ontario Soccer Website Insurance and follow the instructions listed below…
Direct Link: http://www.ontariosoccer.net/clubs-districts-insurance

Step b) Accident Claim Submission

Please locate specific form required, complete and submit ALL forms and submit to insurance@ontariosoccer.net [please carbon copy Sandra admin@vaughansoccer.com] for validation before sending to the insurer.
Link to: Accident Claim Forms

OTHER Ontario Soccer FORMS


VSC Board of Directors Forms

.    Oath of Confidentiality
.    Director’s Code of Ethics
.    Conflict of Interest


If you cannot find the form you are looking for here, please contact our Office Admin.

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11151 Keele Street. 
Maple ON. L6A 1S1

T: 905-832-0911
F: 905-832-0624

For House League Inquiries: scores@vaughansoccer.com

All Other Inquiries: admin@vaughansoccer.com


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