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OPDL Trial Process for 2006 Born Players

Vaughan Soccer Club's 2018/2019 OPDL Trial Process for existing OPDL Players as well as Non-OPDL players will have several opportunities to be evaluated starting September 2018. 

The OPDL has detailed the Trial Process and provided specific guidelines, focused on player identification and enhanced player experience. The trial process will be divided into three Phases, as outlined above.Players interested in trials for the 2005, 2004, 2003, and 2002 age groups, please click here.

All players wishing to attend any trials must first register below. It is recommended that the player attend at least 3 sessions. The Vaughan Soccer Club will not be charging a fee to attend trials.

If interested in the 2006 OPDL opportunity, we highly encourage you to attend our OPDL Information night, date and details to follow, check back here for the update soon.


The charts below provides the Vaughan Soccer Club Open trial dates for our 2006 OPDL teams for the UPCOMING 2019 Season

2006 Girls and Boys Trial Dates
Venue Monday, Sept 24th , 2018 Wednesday, Sept 26th, 2018 Thursday, Sept 27th, 2018 Saturday, Sept 29th, 2018
North Regional Maple Park #2
11103 Keele St, Maple, ON L6A 1S1
6-7:30pm: 2006 OPDL Girls Tryout 6-7:30pm: 2006 OPDL Girls tryout

6-7:30pm: 2006 Boys OPDL tryout

 to Maple Reservoir 
10588 Keele St, Maple, ON L6A 0A7

9-10:30am: 2006 Girls OPDL tryout
7:30-9pm: 2006 OPDL Boys tryout 10:30-12pm: 2006 Boys OPDL tryout
Venue Monday, Oct 1st, 2018 Wednesday, Oct 3rd, 2018 Thursday, Oct 4th, 2018 Saturday, Oct 6th, 2018
North Regional Maple Park #2
11103 Keele St, Maple, ON L6A 1S1
6-7:30pm: 2006 Girls OPDL tryout

VENUE is now Maple Community Centre
10190 Keele St, Maple, ON L6A 1R7

6-7:30pm: 2006 OPDL Boys tryout

  9-10:30am: 2006 Girls OPDL tryout
7:30-9pm: 2006 Boys OPDL tryout 7:30-9pm: 2006 OPDL Girls tryout 10:30-12pm: 2006 Boys OPDL tryout

Players interested in trials for the 2005, 2004, 2003, and 2002 age groups, please click here. Should parents or players require any further information, please contact Sergio DeLuca , our OPDL Director at opdldirector@vaughansoccer.com.

Once your form is submitted, please print a copy and bring to each of the trial sessions.

Any player who does not get selected for the OPDL team may be selected for the REP/Development squad. 


Name and Contact Info
Address [Person contacting us]
Player Information
Select Gender and Program details



By having completed this form, and submitting your intention to attend a player trial, you [the form submitter] acknowledge that on behalf of yourself and the player registered for the trials/tryouts that there are potential participation risks. You or any other person claiming through yourself or on your behalf do hereby release the Vaughan Soccer Club and all its directors and staff from all claims for loss, injury or damage to persons and property whilst participating in our event/s. You further understand that the Vaughan Soccer Club often takes photographs and video for marketing purposes and may use them on our website and social media. You have granted permission without compensation that these photographs or videos may be used in publications, presentations, websites or promotion of all club events.

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Maple ON. L6A 1S1

T: 905-832-0911
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For House League Inquiries: scores@vaughansoccer.com

All Other Inquiries: admin@vaughansoccer.com


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