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House League

Volunteer with Vaughan Soccer!

The Vaughan Soccer Club is a non-profit organization and volunteers are a vital part of our organizations operations. Volunteering is an extremely rewarding experience and any bit helps. Below you will find a list of volunteer opportunities within Vaughan Soccer Club.

Coach or Assistant Coach

Volunteer coaches are used by the Club for all levels of soccer. Coaches are the leaders and teachers of our young athletes. Their role is to help improve the player’s soccer skills and performance while also ensuring they have fun!

If you are interested in coaching a House League Team, please fill out the HSL Coaches Application and send to Pat Gaudio at scores@vaughansoccer.com
If you are interested in coaching a REP/Competitive Team, please fill out the Rep Coaches Application and send to Sandra Colica at admin@vaughansoccer.com

General Volunteer

Volunteers are also needed to help out the Club with administrative tasks, registrations, equipment distribution, special events and other duties. If you are interested in volunteering in this capacity please contact Sandra Colica at admin@vaughansoccer.com

ALL our programs usually require the support of community club volunteers as well, if you are interested, please select and complete the appropriate form/s below:


HL/Recreational Program:  Volunteer Form
REP/Competitive Program: Volunteer Form | HR application | Team Admin [Coach/Manager/Assistants] Registration Form
SNP/Special Needs Program: Volunteer Form

Volunteer Screening Process

All VSC volunteer applications are reviewed, candidates are screened as per VSC's Staff/Volunteer screening protocol. The Vaughan Soccer Club supports the initiative of Ontario Soccer and adopts its policy and procedures for Volunteer Screening. Educating participants, coaches, managers, leaders, and volunteers about abuse and harassment is very important. The Vaughan Soccer Club recognizes that the organization has a responsibility to appropriately screen any person who will have access to vulnerable people. Click here to review VSC's volunteer and staff screening process

A great article that speaks to all those who have at one time or another volunteered their time for the local community club. Much is written about parents behaviour towards kids [read 7 habits], and the sport, but many volunteers [past and present] connect with this article written in the Barrie Minor Hockey Association website about a common occurrence that happens not just on ice but out on the pitch as well. It's a great read about behaviour on the sidelines that doesn't work, and how a volunteer coach manages the challenges presented: http://barrieminorhockey.net/Articles/5393/Letter_from_a_Volunteer_Coach/

Long live kind human beings who put their time in out of kindness and necessity. We appreciate them, we relate to them, and  know what it is like to put in your best, and not get the respect deserved... although not required, but it would be nice! Many volunteer coaches fall in love with their service to our community youth!

'I will never forget the kids, parents and the experience! The memories, all of them... the good the bad, etc... I will cherish them all!', said Fernando [VSC volunteer].   

Vaughan Soccer Club appreciates and promotes the volunteer experience to ALL our members! We thank you for your time and dedication to our youth! Every year Vaughan Soccer Club celebrates our volunteers at the VSC VOLUNTEER AWARDS.

To see our Volunteer Award winners click here! 



Every season, Vaughan Soccer Club offers a recreational soccer experience for our community youth that's full of excitement!

'Great way to make new friends, make a difference in a child's life 
...and get your community service hours all at the same time!'

We are looking for volunteers to help make each event as fun and smooth as possible. Join us this summer for a memorable volunteer experience and wear your free Convenor/Volunteer shirt with pride in knowing that you are an important part of our team. 

HOW WE CAN HELP TUDENTS - An official letter of participation will be provided to high school students fulfilling OSSD required hours for community involvement, or specific school forms can be signed for the volunteer hours contributed. Contact our Volunteer Coordinator if you are interested in volunteering!

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Vaughan Soccer Club's House League/Recreational Grassroots Program Coordinator.

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11151 Keele Street. 
Maple ON. L6A 1S1

T: 905-832-0911
F: 905-832-0624

For House League Inquiries: scores@vaughansoccer.com

All Other Inquiries: admin@vaughansoccer.com


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