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VSC Alumni

Vaughan Soccer Club's ALUMNI Corner

The Vaughan Soccer Club is very proud of our dedication to player development. Here, you will find a list of achievements of our youth players. This is just a small token to highlight some of these players accomplishments once they left our soccer club to further their studies and careers.

Click here to read VSC player announcements 'OUR PRODUCT' and their most recent achievements.

 Player Name G Post-Secondary Institution YOB More info
 Mia De Gasperis F Laurention University  1997  V. Schiraldi
 Victoria Galluzzo Laurention University  1997  V. Schiraldi 
 Martina Carotta  York University  1997  V. Schiraldi 
 Kaitlin Logan  Trent University  1997  V. Schiraldi
 Laura Blackburn  McMaster University  1997  V. Schiraldi
 Athena Kirou-Mauro  Waterloo University  1997   V. Schiraldi
 Anna Maclean F Seton Hall (USA)  1997  
 Ashna Ganeshan  F  Ottawa University  1997  
 Mikaela Tierney & Leila  F  UOIT  1997  
 Arthi Raviandran  F  Waterloo University  1997  
 Cia Papadopoulos  F  York University  1997  
 Haley Walsh F  York University  1997  
 Stefanie Fellin  F  York University  1997  
 Nadya Gill  F  Quinnipiac (USA)  1997  
 Ellie Cowan  F  Ottawa University  1997  
 Tristyn Jones  F Laurier  1997  
 Amira Gill  F Queens  1997  
 Rebecca Neish  F

 Waterloo University

 Krystal Henry-Mathieu  F  Macmaster University  1997  
 Taylor Tsotsos  F  York University  1997  
 Athena Mpampas  F  York University  1997  
 Kai Olguin M  Robert Morris University  1997  
 Lucas Puntillo M  Robert Morris University  1997  
 Dayne St.Clair M  University of Maryland  1997  
 Dayonn Harris M  Penn state University  1997  
 Kamal Miller M  Syracuse University  1997  
 Heather Donovan F  Nippissing University    L. Amato
 Katerina Kerr F  Western    L. Amato
 Bianca Granata F  Seneca    L. Amato
 Francesca Pedulla F  York University  1994  V. Schiraldi
 Alexandria Kastanis F  Seneca College  1994  V. Schiraldi
 Tomika McIntosh F  York University  1994  V. Schiraldi
 Saphyra Coombs-James F  University of Teenessee  1994  
 Jerika Gimgpel F  University of Prince Edward Island  1994  V. Schiraldi
 Danya Fenech F  Duquesne University (Pittsburg)  1994  V. Schiraldi
 Bianca Ferlisi F  Guelph University  1994  V. Schiraldi
 Samantha Minchella F  Bethel University (Minnesota)  1994  V. Schiraldi
 Taylor Grant F  Acadia University & Jamaican National Team  1994  
 Melissa Koteff F  Humber College    L. Amato
 Amanda Chu F  George Brown    L. Amato
 Shannon Clancy F  Carson-Newmont USA    L. Amato
2012 and Previous
 Amanda Boyle F  Western    

If there is any one else who is aware of former almuni of the Vaughan Soccer Club who continue to play soccer please contact us so we can add you/them to the Alumni page. Also if you want to share your experiences with other members of our club please feel free to include that in your e-mail to us as well.

Thank you Vaughan Soccer Club ALUMNI for sharing your achievemnets with us, we are PROUD of YOU!

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