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High Performance Showcase

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Featured Vaughan Soccer's 2017 HIGH PERFORMANCE SHOWCASE for Boys

Vaughan Soccer is proud to announce that we are hosting our 2017 High Performance Showcase [Boys] this upcoming March. This Showcase Tournament is a tournament hosted in Vaughan Ontario and sanctioned by the OSA. This Selected Showcase Tournament offers the unique opportunity for ORNCA's and OSA affiliated club teams to compete against one another in sanctioned competition. The objectives is to provide exposure for the top Canadian players to the coaches of Canadian and American Post-Secondary schools, professional clubs and national teams.

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Vaughan Soccer's High Performance Showcase will take place on March 9 and March 10, 2017. It is organized by Patrice Gheisar [patricegheisar@yahoo.ca] and Joe Colangelo.
Location:Downsview Park - 35 Carl Hall Rd, North York, ON M3K 2B6 - Google Map - How to find the field/dome: KIA TRAINING GROUNDS - See Downsview Park Map

To book your team, or if you need more information such as application, venue, rules and times please contact Joe Colangelo directly via email address: joecolangelo31@hotmail.com

College coaches from all over North America visit the VAUGHAN HP showcase. 1999 and 2000 boys squads took part in one of Ontario Soccer's selected showcases for 2017!

vsc hp showcase 2017 coaches in attendance 1'3 great days of football come to an end for Vaughan HP teams and a huge thank you to all of our college coaches from North America that made the trip to our high performance event', said VSC HP Coach Patrice Gheisar.

Spring Arbour Soccer (@SAUSoccer) retweeted, 'Another great recruiting trip to the GTA. Thanks @vaughansoccercl for a fantastic showcase!'

If you are looking for recorded games, stats, player info, coaches etc... Please contact the participating team coaches directly. The recorded games and info was submitted to the club/academy team coaches.


On January 27th. Gary Miller from the Ontario Soccer Association was pleased to announce the six Selected Showcase Tournament Designations for 2017. The following are the 2017 Selected Showcase Tournaments:

Vaughan High Performance Showcase (March 9-10, 2017)
Umbro Top Rated Invitational Soccer College Showcase (May 19-22, 2017)
Showcase of Champions (August 5-7, 2017)
Toronto Lynx College Showcase (December 14-15, 2017)
Sigma FC University Showcase (December 2017)
FC Durham Girls College Bound Showcase (December 18-21, 2017)

Selected Showcase Tournaments were introduced in 2013 to provide the opportunity for both ORNCA accredited Academies and OSA-Club teams to compete in the same tournaments and showcase their players for North American university and college coaches.

Schedule now released March 6, 2017:  Click here for PDF version

Location: Downsview Park - 35 Carl Hall Rd, North York, ON M3K 2B6 - Google Map - How to find the field/dome: KIA TRAINING GROUNDS - See Downsview Park Map

2017 Grads 2018 Grads Additional Information
Wodbridge99 Vaughan00 [VSC00]   o    All outside games are in black
Vaughan 99 [VSC99] FCDurham00 [FCD00]   o    All inside games are in red
FCDurham99 [FCD99] SIGMA 00   o    All recorded games are in blue and inside as well
SIGMA 99 Oakville Blue Devils 00 [OBD00]   o    All matches held indoors are 52 minutes
Oakville Blue Devils [OBD99] GIVOVA 00   o    All matches held outdoors are 60 minutes
  POWER 00
Thursday, March 9/2017  
Time Teams Location  
740 AM MARKHAM SC POWER  FC 99 Indoor  
835 AM FCD 99 WOODBRIDGE 99 Indoor  
930 AM SIGMA 00 GIVOVA 00 Indoor  
1000 AM VSC 00 POWER 00 Outdoor  
1025 AM OBD 99 SIGMA 99 Indoor  
1120 AM OBD 00 FCD00 Indoor  
1215 PM VSC 99 WOODBRIDGE 99 Indoor  
110 PM MARKHAM SC  POWER FC 00 Indoor  
205 PM GIVOVA 00 VSC 00 Indoor  
300 PM SIGMA 99 FCD 99 Indoor  
315 PM VSC 99 OBD 99 Outdoor  
355 PM FCD 00 SIGMA 00 Indoor  
450 PM OBD 00 POWER 99 Indoor  
END 540 PM  
Friday, March 10/2017  
Time Teams Location  
800 PM SIGMA 00 VSC 00 Indoor  
845 AM FCD00 POWER 00 Outdoor  
855 PM OBD 00 GIVOVA Indoor  
950 PM SIGMA 99 WOODBRIDGE 99 Indoor  
1045 PM VSC99 FCD99 Indoor  
1140 PM MARKHAM FCD 00 Indoor  
11 45 AM GIVOVA POWER 99 Outdoor  
1235 PM OBD 99 WOODBRIDGE 99 Indoor  
1245 PM POWER 00 OBD00 Outdoor  
130 PM VSC 99 SIGMA 99 Indoor  
225 PM SIGMA00 POWER FC 99 Indoor  
230 PM MARKHAM VSC 00 Outdoor  
320 PM FCD99 OBD 99 Indoor  
END 415 PM  
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