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Sandra Colica

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Vaughan Soccer announces new club Head Coach!

vsc jason beckford and tony bartolomeoThe Vaughan Soccer Club is delighted to announce Jason Beckford as the new Club Head Coach. Jason will work in conjunction with the Club Director of Soccer (Carmine Isacco) and OPDL Director (Serge Deluca) in the development of age appropriate Coaching/Player Curriculums across all programs.

He will be responsible for the day to day management and accountability of all coaches across all programs including High Performance, OPDL, Competitive and Grassroots programs. This includes decisions regarding coaching appraisals, coaching assignments, coach development action plans.

Vaughan Soccer was proud to announce Jason beckford's addition to our reputable technical team in early 2017, Jason is a highly regarded coach educator with a good rapport with coaches having excellent knowledge and understanding of the beautiful game.

Click here to contact Vaughan Soccer CLUB's HEAD COACH

Click here for Jason Beckford's Bio – Vaughan Soccer's 2017 Coach Development Manager article posted on December 30th 2016.


2017 VSC VOLUNTEER AWARDS - Winners Announced!

Congratulations to the following 2017 Volunteer of the Year Award Winners!

Lifetime Achievement Award:

Frank Fellin

Competitive Coach of the Year Award (Youth Boys/Girls & SR)

Carmelo Brutto
Dennis Vurinaris
Tony De Palma
Frank Mastrogiacomo
Luigi Amato

Recreational Coach of the Year Award (Youth Boys/Girls & SR)

Enrico Casciato
Steven Kagan
Frank Conforti
Kevin Townie

Volunteer of the year award

Steve Perrone
Mario Bartelli
Joe Diaco
John Fidalgo

The Vaughan Soccer Club aknowledges and appreciates the countless hours and efforts put in by ALL our volunteers! We thank all volunteers for all they do, if you are interested in volunteering, or more information on how to volunteer click here

The awards for recreational coaches, volunteers and lifetime achievement are awarded at the Annual General Meeting: The awards presentation will take place on Sunday November 19, 2017 at the AGM. Location: 8 Merino Place, Maple (known as the Maple Lions Building). Time: AGM meeting time 2:00pm to 5:00pm.

Click here to read our 2017 Volunteer of the Year announcement, including more information and call for nominations: VSC's criteria for each award when submitting a nomination. The awards for competitive coaches will presented at our Annual Competitive Banquet.

Click here for a list of the 2016 VSC Volunteer Awards Winners.

North Maple Regional Park Update

north maple regional park in development 20170927 image 2VSC is proud to share the news update regarding the new park coming to Vaughan. We will be updating our members on a regular basis. Our last announcement was on the official ground breaking event for the two artificial turf fields (PHASE 1) for the North Maple District Regional Park that took place on Wednesday, May 24, 2017. Vaughan Soccer club was in attendance at the historical event.

Look for regular updates, as Councilor Marilyn Iafrate (Ward 1 councilor) hopes to be able to send the club a link soon, of the latest drone video taken of the grounds!

More recently: Golf Canada has conducted [and continues to conduct] several environmental studies, see article posted: Vaughan takes shot at becoming permanent home of Canadian Open golf tourney.

north maple regional park in development 20170927 image 1
Read more about the development:


north maple regional park in development 20170927 image 5

Once Golf Canada finalize their studies, they will be presenting to City of Vaughan Council in November 2017. Golf Canada has two locations in mind (MILTON and VAUGHAN), and once the studies are completed, the selection of a preferred site is expected before Dec. 1. We will post more updated information in November 2017.

These photos are courtesy of Councilor Marilyn Iafrate (Ward 1 councilor)

north maple regional park in development 20170927 image 7 


We are Vaughan Soccer 2017! Azzurri celebrate the end of season at Vaughan Soccer Club's REP/Competitive banquet!

Vaughan Soccer Club's year-end REP Banquet is one of the loudest and best banquets to attend! The party shook the banquet hall floor to the late hours of the night, it was a good time for all! A long tradition of Vaughan Soccer, this banquet celebration is a great way to get everyone together, one last time... Due to our increasing popularity/membership numbers, we celebrate the end of the outdoor season with 2 banquets. The year-end-banquet for our older youth was held on September 8th. Exactly one week later, on Friday September 15th the final banquet celebration was held for the younger age groups. 

This year's REP/Competitive Banquet parties rocked and shook the dance floor - literrally!!! ...and with Veriation Music creating an event atmosphere like no other, the evening started with the perfect music for our members, who were dancing and celebrating with delight. A special thank-you to Riviera Parque Banquet Hall for creating a magnificent first-class environment providing high quality service and a memorable experience for all. 

In attendance at Vaughan Soccer’s year-end-celebration were Vaughan Soccer's Board of Directors, Staff, VSC's technical leaders, and several City of Vaughan Council members.

Special thanks goes out to everyone who helped with the organizing, planning and seeing these events through this year! This banquet continues to be a memorable event and a great way to end this 35th anniversary celebration year.

What about you, do you have asome pictures you wish to share? Why not share them with us on social media [#vaughansoccercl]:

Instagram: https://instagram.com/vaughansoccercl/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/vaughansoccercl
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Vaughan-Soccer-Club/121745517984923

The night was a busy one! Our youth were everywhere, after receiving their end-of-season trophies, finishing their the dinner meal, the dancing and partying was sure to follow. Having fun in a safe environment, Vaughan Soccer's year end celebration is a perfect way to bring the summer to an official end! We thank all the REP/Competitive teams for their support. The countless hours our members put in, the support they provide their kids, and extended family... Our club is driven by volunteers that put in their time day in, day out!!! In addition to all the tasks that you have contributed your time to, we have a special thank you to all those who submitted the fantastic images of 'our product' in action this outdoor 2017 season!   

In closing this was a great, successful event and we could not have done it without your help! A SINCERE THANK YOU TO ALL who contribute in helping to make Vaughan Soccer what it is today!

'This celebration is for you, our players, our product, on behalf of the club - we thank you for making the 2017 outdoor season a great one!' said Cosimo Musolino [VP Boys REP/Competitive].

 vsc onedrive 2017 banquet pictures.fwWe are Vaughan Soccer 2017! Click here to see the REP/Competitive Banquet Pictures for 2017.
Thank you to all our members, and supporters
who made this year's end of season banquet a big success! 

veriation logo riviera parque logo 1



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For House League Inquiries: scores@vaughansoccer.com

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