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VSC Statement – May 5, 2017

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 The Vaughan Soccer Club is continuing with its investigation of the troubling incident that took place recently when one of our rep teams was in Italy for a tournament and would like to provide an update to our parent community and the rest of the soccer community on where things stand at the moment.

We continue to treat this incident with the utmost seriousness and are determined that the appropriate measures are taken to discipline those involved and ensure this never happens again moving forward.

Some measures have already been taken, and others are being looked at.

The Club has made the decision to refer the matter of discipline to a third party, independent chair that will be meeting shortly to determine the appropriate penalty for those directly involved.

The Club has also brought in a professional sports psychologist who has already met with the team and the coaching staff and will be continuing to work with the kids in the coming weeks. And we are in the process of further education around our anti-bullying and social media protocols to all our members.

We are determined to put this incident behind us and make sure that our Club, our kids, and the rest of our soccer community have the tools to move forward in a culture of respect for one another, our fellow players and our Club as a whole.

Click here for PDF version of Vaughan Soccer Club's Statement - May 5, 2017

VSC Statement - April 25, 2017

The Vaughan Soccer Club has taken immediate steps to discipline those involved in a troubling incident that began as roughhousing and escalated into a situation that quickly got out of hand.

The incident took place recently while the team was in Italy for a tournament and the team involved has been temporarily suspended.

All of the players’ parents accompanied the team and the trip was chaperoned by coaches and all necessary steps were taken to protect the wellbeing of the kids. The incident only came to light after a video surfaced showing what can only be described as unacceptable behaviour.

Our club is moving swiftly to take other disciplinary steps and would like to reassure all of our players, parents and the rest of our soccer community that there is no room for this sort of conduct.

“The Vaughan Soccer Club has a very strict code of conduct in place to ensure these sorts of incidents never happen,” says Pat Di Rauso, Executive Vice President of the Vaughan Soccer Club. “We want to send a very clear message to all involved that this is absolutely unacceptable behaviour and we intend to deal with this is the firmest possible way. We have over 5,500 kids and adults taking part in our programs, and in our 35 year history have never seen anything like this. We put our players and their safety above all else and are conducting a thorough review of what happened and will be communicating the outcome of that review shortly.”

Click here for PDF version of Vaughan Soccer Club's Statement - April 25th. 2017

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