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Sign up to Coach Recreational Soccer this upcoming season

VOLUNTEER COACHES NEEDED. Sign up to Coach Recreational Soccer this upcoming 2017 Season.

The Vaughan Soccer Club is in need of volunteers to coach during our 2017 Outdoor Recreational Program. With an estimated 170 teams and over 2000 recreational players, the need for volunteer coaches is greater than ever!

There are many benefits that come from volunteering as a coach. We offer a coaches incentive to anyone who signs up as Head Coach (please contact our office for complete incentive details). If you’re a parent and you volunteer to coach your child’s team, you will not only be committing to the club but to your child as well. You will be committing to spend 2 hours a week of quality time with your child building and creating memories that will last you and your child a lifetime.

Coaching also allows you the opportunity to spend time outdoors and either stay active or become a bit more active after spending a long work day indoors. If you are new to the area, volunteering to coach is a great way to meet people in your community. Many coaches have made lifelong friends simply because one year they decided to coach soccer. Many people shy away from coaching because they have no experience, or claim not to know much about the sport. However, all you really need to be a successful coach is understanding, patience and the willingness to learn along the way. The club offers Coaching Clinics and will supply all new coaches with coaching manuals which include age appropriate practice drills. Many people hesitate to sign up as a coach because they don’t want to let the team down if every now and then, they cannot make it to a game or a practice. What people don’t realize is that once a team has a coach, other parents are more willing to step up and lend a hand. They will be that go to person, if the coach is going to be absent or has on a vacation.

We also encourage all those seeking quality community service hours to come and register as a coach. Students who are heading towards a career in teaching, law enforcement, firefighting, or social work, all know how competitive those fields have become. These days it is not only the grades that count, but the character of the student. Universities and colleges are now looking for well-rounded students who have given back to their communities by volunteering their time. Coaching a youth soccer team not only provides students with their much needed community service hours, but also demonstrates the ability to be a leader and an active and responsible member of their community. These days reference letters are great to have, not only for those seeking employment, but to submit with college or university application. Reference letters are a fantastic way to show potential employers or school institutions your integrity, maturity and commitment. We will gladly supply reference letters to any volunteer who requests it.

If you have a friend or another parent that you would like to share the coaching responsibility with, we will gladly pair you up. For further information on how you can become a coach, please contact our office at 905-832-0911 Ext.0 - We look forward to hearing from you!

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